Corn Flour Halwa

It’s  very easy and tasty. Corn Flour Halwa also has been one of the favourite dish of my husband and my family members.

1 cup of Corn flour
1½ cup of Sugar or (according to your taste)
½ litre of Full Cream Milk (whole milk)
½ cup of grated Carrot (optional)
6 Sweet Cherries for garnishing (cut 1 cherry into two pieces)
4 tablespoons of Ghee

Heat Stove in a low flame and Pour Milk in a bowl and boil it.
After milk is boiled add Sugar and stir it well till the sugar dissolves.
If you are using Carrot then add it now and stir.
Take Corn flour in a separate bowl, pour some water and mix it well.
(it should look like Corn flour water)
Now Pour Corn flour water in the above milk bowl.
And also add 3 spoons of Ghee and stir constantly.
Stir it well till it becomes thick.
Now apply 1 spoon of ghee to a Plate.
Pour this mix in that Plate spreading evenly all over the plate and leave it for 10 mins Now, cut it into diamond shape pieces.
Now garnish the Halwa pieces with sliced Sweet Cherries.
(you can also use Cashews/Almonds and Raisins).

---- by Suneetha

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