Oatmeal Dosa - Broccoli Curry

I have tried this oatmeal dosa, it tastes good, and healthy too.
Required Ingredients are:
Oats (old fashioned quaker oats)    -  1 cup
Semolina                                     1/2 cup
Rice flour                                     1/2 cup
Wheat flour                                 1/2 cup
Ginger          small piece
Cilantro        few leaves
Green chillies                    4 thai
Jeera (cumins)                  2 tbsp
Yogurt                             3/4 cup
Salt             to taste
Oil              required for pouring dosa.

Put all the above ingredients one-by-one into a bowl.
Pour 4 cups of water into the bowl and mix the batter well without any lumps.
Soak the batter for atleast 30 mins.
Now pour the batter on the pan as big crepes/dosas.
Let the dosa turn golden brown, flip over and let it roast on the other side too.
You can enjoy the dosas with chutneys or with curries. I enjoyed it with tomato dal :-)

Broccoli curry
Ingredients :
Broccoli    -  2 florets
Red Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Salt    as required
Oil    4 tbsp
Corriander powder -  1 tsp
Cilantro     few leaves
Tempering ingredients : urad dal, jeera, mustard seeds, red chillies - 2 cnt

Method :
Wash the florets and cut off the stems retaining the florets (u can preserve stems and use them in sambar.)
Now make the florets as tiny florets by plucking them off into smaller ones.
take a pan and let the oil heat up. Now add the tempering ingredients, let them turn golden brown and then add the florets.
Add salt, close lid and let it saute for 15 mins or until the florets become tender under medium flame.
Add red chilli powder, corriander powder, cilantro, mix it altogether, switch off the flame and serve it hot.


  1. Ma'm
    May i ask you for some Bachelor's Breakfasts???

    Saturday, Sunday vasthe idoo pedda confusion... Nenu Nidraleche sariki Andhra Tiffins ayipothundi...

    Help me out!!!!

    Some thing Yummy but most importantly easy

    PS: Please dont suggest Maggies or sandwiches :(

    Heheh Chala conditions

  2. brocali curry so yummy ujvala gaaru... bhale vchindi.. keep posting

  3. HarshaBharath, thank you for your comments; Sure, i'l come up with some of the easy recipes. for now, i could suggest MTR instant mix pkts. other than those, i've couple of recipes in my mind for now,. need some time to come upto my blog :)
    Thank you for visiting and enjoy the recipes you like :)
    Thank you Chandana :)

  4. Ujji,
    if you add yogurt to the broccoli then it will be tasty too :)
    I will try other recepies raa.

    -Yours Akka.

  5. ujvala ni oats dosa naku baga nachindi ee recipe india kuda vellindi akkada maa amma, attagaru try chesaru bagundi ani chepparu niku dnx 4r recipe....