Tips and Tweaks

1. Adding salt while boiling pasta in water helps cook pasta without sticking. Alternatively, you can pressure cook the pasta.

2. Soak whole urad dal, atleast for 8-10 hrs and grind it in food processor to make fluffy vada.

3. Barley water or 'wheat grass' [can be found in whole foods] are excellent remedies to reduce body heat.

4. To keeps diabetes in control : soak 1 tsp of fenugreek seeds and 2 almonds overnight and have them next day morning before your breakfast.
eating egg whites also keeps glucose levels in control.

5. Indigestion : 1 tsp of ajwain seeds with pinch of salt helps reduce indigestion. 

6. Quinoa :  Has more protein and less carbs compared to rice. I use 1:1.5 = Quinoa:Water to cook quinoa.

7. Draining away excess water from Tofu :
Place tofu on a deep plate and place stack of  plates/bowls on top of tofu for atleast 15 minutes. This procedure removes all the absorbed water from tofu, thus making tofu perfect for stir fry.
Please do not allow tofu to break down during the process.
If tofu seems to break down, remove stack of plates and replace them again on the center of tofu.

8. Basic baking done testing - poke with a fork, all the way thru the bottom of the pan and take it out; if u see liquid batter on the fork, then it still needs time to bake.

9. Always cook spinach with open pot to preserve the green color of spinach. Nutmeg blends well and enhances the flavor when added in spinach recipes.