Capsicum (Bell Pepper) Rice

It came out really good. I didn't expected this taste from bell pepper :)
Bell Pepper  2 (1 red and 1 green for contrast )
Onion    1
Frozen Peas  few
Oil  to saute
Salt to taste
Cashews   few
Mint leaves few, Cilantro  few
Corriander powder 1 tsp
Cumin powder   1/2 tsp
Green Chillies   4
Red Chillies     2
Whole Spices  :  Bay Leaves few, 4 cloves, Cumins, 2 Cinnammon Sticks and Kasoor Methi
Rice        2 cups

--> Take oil sufficient for saute. First saute the whole spices. Add mustard seeds. Add cashews.
--> Now add all the other ingredients except mint and cilantro and saute until well done.
--> Cook rice and add this rice to the above sauteed mixture.
--> Finally sprinkle, cilantro and mint and serve it hot.

Sabudana (Tapioca) Vada

 Ingredients :
         Sabudana   1  cup
         Rice Flour   1 1/2 cup
         Green Chillies 2
         Cilantro    few chopped
         Potato     1
         Salt to taste

--> Soak Sabudana overnight. (pour water only until sabudana gets dipped. or else they become mushy)
--> Mix Chopped Green Chillies, Grated Potato, Cilantro, Rice flour, Salt, little bit yogurt and mix altogether.
--> Make them into small patties over a ziploc and deep fry them in the pan.
--> thats it, ready to serve it hot with Ginger-tamarind chutney or ketchup/Tomato chilli sauce.

Mango Rice (Mamidikaya Pulihora)

    Mine is slow and study principle. thats why there is delay for my recipes to come until blog ;) anyway, i've exceeded half century of recipes :)  and crawling towards century ;)
Today, i came up with easy and yummy mango rice recipe.

Raw Mango   1 and half
Rice        2 cups
Green chillies  6
Red Chillies   2
Turmeric and last but not least : Cilantro  few strands
Few Cashews, Urad dal, Chana dal, Curry Leaves, Cumins, Mustard seeds.

Peel off the skin of mango, grate it and keep it aside.
Cook rice as usual. Now, take pan with small amount of oil and put all the tempering ingredients, salt, turmeric.
Toast the grated mango in the same tempering for 2-5 mins stirring occassionally.
Now, add this entire tempering to the above cooked rice. stir altogether, sprinkle cilantro and serve it hot.