Hurray! My new Kitchen Blog

Heyyy Dear friends,
    I've started couple of other blogs but they all looks empty upto this point; bcoz, i'm not a good blogger ;). and my friend chandana, suggested me to start a new blog to post all the recipes i know; this is a very good idea as i like to try new recipes and would like to share my recipes to whomever interested; my blog might be a good start for even the newly married ladies who would have some difficulty to catch up with the kitchen in the first days.
     Ladies, please do post me your suggestions regarding my blog; I would be waiting eagerly to start the blog with good number of recipes. Last but not the least, thank you chandana, for giving me good idea of starting a kitchen blog :-)


  1. Wow ujvala... you rock dear. keep posting

  2. Hi Ujvala,
    very nice to see your blog. Post as many veggie/vegan items as you can. You can include egg in your list :). A very good start.... All the best with your blogging.
    A small suggestion with gavvalu.You can use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. Good for health and also tastes better.

  3. Hi Ujvala,
    very good that u started a blog on kitchen. u havent even said to me.continue all the best.My advice is u start a blog on any Information Technology themes.bye

  4. Hiii Dear friends, Thank you all for warm wishes for my blog; I would definitely keep in mind your suggestions and would come up with more delicious and healthy recipes. Thanks for Chandana, who inspired me to start this kitchen blog.
    Friends, once again thank you all for your encouragement and wishes. Hope you would enjoy my recipes :-)