Chocolate dipped strawberries - Bananas

After a long time, i tried this party hit dessert :). Here i want to share the simple and damn easy process.
Fresh strawberries  - 12
Half ripen banana   -  1
Semi sweet chocolate chips - 1.5 cups (i used nestle chocolate chips)
Almonds  - 1/2 cup minced

1. Clean and dry strawberries. Preserve the crowns. Chop the banana into round slices.
2. Freeze banana slices in freezer for atleast an hour.
3. Add 1 tbsp of oil/butter to chocolate chips and microwave for 2 mins(little less or more based on power of ur microwave). 
4. Now, dip each of the strawberry in chocolate and then in nuts and let it set on a wide tray. Repeat the process for frozen banana slices as well.
5. Refrigerate all dipped strawberries and bananas for an hour or until chilled. 
Thats it, yummy choco dip strawberries and bananas are ready.

PS : if microwave is not available, you can use traditional method for melting chocolate. For this, take about a cup of water in a sauce pan. Place another vessel on top of it, make sure the top bowl does not touch water in the sauce pan. Pour chocolate chips in the top bowl, switch on the flame and keep stirring until the chips melts.


  1. wow!!! wow!! awesome pictures dear!! luk so yumm and delicious!

    1. thank you so much divya... i think, my reply is too early ;)