Indian Challenge : Ariselu

After a very longg time, i'd given a try for my one of the most favourite sweet and the most Challenging Indian recipe...
here, i would like to share with you all, the procedure i followed to make delicious Ariselu. My mother-in-law guided me thru this entire process :)

I have used the following ingredients :
Rice Flour     :    1 cup
Jaggery         :     1/4 cup
Sugar            :     3 tbsp
Sesame seeds :   2 tsp
Ghee            :    3 tbsp
Oil to deep fry
and last but not the least : 2 big spatulas to press them.

and here is the procedure :
--> Soak the rice for 12-15 hrs. Change water twice in the middle.
--> Slice the jaggery and keep it aside.
--> Drain all the water and start blending the rice. Blend the rice and seive the flour;
--> you should get the smooth damp flour; To retain the dampness, just close the flour after seiving each time.
--> Repeat the blending and seiving process, until u get the very smooth texture of all the flour.
--> Now take the jaggery, sugar and pour water until jaggery is exactly immersed.
--> Put it on the stove; Let all the Jaggery start bubbling vigorously;
--> Occassionally check the syrup by placing the syrup in a small bowl containing water. The syrup, when
u place in water and touch it with hand, it shouldn't stick to your fingers and you should be able to make
it as a small ball. that is the right consistency of the syrup required to make ariselu.
--> If you have the baking thermometer, u can remove the syrup at 200 F. (it came out as 200 F for me; not sure about that so, i followed the traditional method...)
--> Now, add the blended flour, sesame seeds, ghee into the jaggery syrup.
--> Stir it completely without any lumps.
--> Now, make the batter into small, smooth dumplings and make them as Pattis.
--> Take a deep pan with oil and let it heat up.
--> Drop each patty slowly into the oil and let it fry until golden brown;
--> Now, take the patty out of the oil and press it slightly harder with another spatula, until it becomes flatter.
Be careful while pressing into the pan itself; If you have roti press, u can use it to press the the fried ariselu.

Thats it!! Now, you are ready to enjoy the taste of delicious and mouth watering ariselu....