Oats Idli

           Very healthy recipe; Lessens the spike of insulin level when consumed. Hope you will enjoy.
Steel Cut Oats (or Irish Oats)    1  cup
Semolina            1 cup
Baking Powder   1 and half tsp
Yogurt              as required
Salt        to taste

Prepare Oats
Blend the oats into coarse powder and use 1 cup for idli preparation. remaining you can store it in a box and use them for other recipes.

Take few tsps of oil in a pan and put Basic popu.
Now add semolina and roast it till golden brown. Add Oats powder to the semolina mixture and let it heat up.
Let the entire mixture cool down and add Yogurt/Buttermilk until the consistency to make as idli. Add baking powder, salt to the mixture. The batter looks almost exactly like the batter for Vermicelli Idli.
Now, place the batter in the idli plates and cook them on steam for just 12 mins.
Take out idlis from plates, and serve them hot with  peanut chutney  or any other chutney of your choice.

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