Vermicelli Idli

Vermicelli         1/2 cup
Sooji                1/2 cup
Cashews           few
Baking powder  1 tsp
Yogurt/Buttermilk    atleast half carton
Salt                   as required

--> Roast Sooji in a dry pan with med-hi flame. Let it become half roast and then add vermicelli.
--> Let the vermicelli get roasted;
--> Once vermicelli is half done, add cashews and let them roast altogether until golden brown.
--> Remember to stir on continuously, otherwise, sooji and vermicelli gets burnt soon.
--> Once the entire mixture is roast and ready, let it cool down completely. (i usually do this roasting part the night before making idli)
--> Now add baking powder and yogurt/buttermilk until the consitency of the batter is good to pour as idli.
Batter for Vermicelli Idli

--> Pour the batter into idli plates and steam idli in pressure cooker for 10 minutes and switch off the flame;
--> Open the lid after 15 minutes and serve it hot with split dalia chutney and ginger-tamarind chutney.
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Enjoy different chutneys acc., to ur taste.

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