Meeta Moong Rolls

Hi friends, today, my sweet sister suneetha contributed this sweet recipe. Please enjoy
½ Cup of Moong Dal (Soak in water over night)
1 Cup of Sugar
1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder
1 Cup of  Rice flour
Oil for deep fry

Blend the soaked Moong Dal in a Mixer.
Pour this batter into 2 Idli Plates and Steam it for 20 min.
Take 1 cup of sugar in a bowl, pour some water, cardamom powder and keep it on
stove till the sugar dissolves.
Now again Blend the above Moong Dal Idlies and sugar syrup.

(note : if the mix looks soft instead of hard, then put the mix in stove for 10min. and
let it become hard.)

Now make batter of  Rice flour :  add water to the rice flour and make it consistent like the dosa batter.

Heat oil in a frying pan/vessel.
Take above Moong Dal mix and make it small dumplings; dip the dumplings in batter and fry
them in Oil.

Enjoy the new taste of laddos :)

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