Asparagus Curry

Ingredients required
Asparagus             1 bunch       [find more about asparagus on my page - "Know your ingredients"]
Potato                   1 medium
Onion                    1 medium
Tomato (optional)  1 medium
If you do not add tomato, then curry will be like dry saute curry; if you want like gravy curry, add tomato, or else you can skip it. sometimes, i wouldn't use tomato; then it tastes almost like potato curry :) may be that is beauty of asparagus. clubs with rest of the ingredients.
Oil  to  saute
Salt, Red Chilli powder and Cilantro  to taste
Tempering ingredients - urad dal, chana dal, cumins, mustards, curry leaves

--> Chop asparagus and potato into small pieces, set aside.
--> Take a pan with some oil to saute and heat it up.
--> meanwhile chop onion, tomato[if using], cilantro, set them aside.
--> Once the oil is heated up, add tempering ingredients and let the mustards splatter.
--> Add chopped asparagus, add salt, close the lid and cook for 5 mins.
--> Now, add potato, close lid and cook again for 5-7 mins.
--> Add onions, cook until they become tender; Finally add tomato, cook until everything is well done.
Final step, add handful of cilantro if you like. switch off flame, serve the curry hot with rice or roti.

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