This is my one of the most favourite sweets. Very Yummy and mouth watering during preparation itself. Enjoy the process and its deliciousness. Here are the sweet ingredients :
Chana Dal           1 cup
Jaggery               1 cup
Maida                 3/4 cup
Oil                      1/4 cup
Cardomom powder   1/2 tsp
Sooji                  1/2 tsp
Rice flour            1/2 tsp

Yummy Procedure :
1. Outer Layer Preparation :
--> First mix Maida, Sooji, Rice flour with small amount of water and make it as hard dough.
--> Now, add Oil to that dough and kneed it well. Let the dough retain for atleast 30 mins or more.
--> This will be your Maida dough.

2. Inner Layer Preparation:
--> Chop the jaggery as thinner slices and set it aside.
--> Take chana dal into a vessel; Pour 1 cup water and let chana dal cook until it gets mashed easily.
--> Drain away all the excess water and let it cool down.
--> Blend chana dal in regular mixer and make it into fine powder.
--> Take a pan and put chopped jaggery and switch on the stove with low flame.
--> Now pour the grinded powder into the pan and sprinkle little amount of water to make the powder little bit wet.
--> Stir in the powdered chana and jaggery until the jaggery gets dissolved and mix well with the powder.
--> Add the cardomom powder and let the mixture cool down completely.
--> Now, make the mixture into lime-size dumplings and set them aside.
--> These will be your chana dumplings.
Boiled and Drained Chana dal : Ready to grind

3. Making Bobbatlu:
--> Now take a big ziploc or a polythene cover and rub it with oil. (just to make sure, the bobbattu doesn't stick to the cover/ziploc).
(a) Take a small dumpling(should be half the size of chana dumpling) from the maida dough and spread it with fingers until it becomes like our palm size.
(b) Now, place a chana dumpling (from step 2) on the middle of spreaded maida dough.
(c) Stretch maida dough a little bit and simultaneously Wrap the chana dumpling with maida dough
(d) Press the wrapped dumpling and make it like thin patti.
(e) Slowly take out the patti and put it on regular tava and toast it both sides as you do with regular rotis/chapathis. You can add oil/ghee/butter while flipping over the bobbattu on tava.

Repeat steps (a) to (e) until all your dough and dumplings are finished. Thats it yummy yummy bobbatlu are ready to eat. (You can add ghee before eating. it is fat by itself; so i don't prefer this last step :-) )

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