Pasta Carrot kheer

Sounds interesting? Tastes interesting as well. Wanted to try something new with pasta, hence this yummy dessert. Here are the ingredients :
Pasta                 -  1 cup  [i used elbow pasta]
Carrot               -  1 and half cup  [grated]
Condensed milk -  1 can  [14 oz]
Milk                   -  1 and half cup  [i used  2%  milk]
Cashews & Raisins 
Butter to roast cashews and raisins.

Pasta Carrot Kheer
Recipe Source :  Rasoi blog
I have made some changes to the main recipe. 
Procedure :
--> Cook pasta according to instructions on the pack, strain away water and let cold water run through cooked pasta for couple of minutes and set it aside.
--> In a deep bowl, on a medium flame, add some butter and roast grated carrot until it makes crisp sound while stirring.
--> Add milk and bring it to boil; Add cooked pasta; Add condensed milk, keep stirring and let the kheer cook for couple of more minutes. 
--> Meanwhile, in a separate pan, roast cashews/raisins in 2 tbsp of butter.
--> Add these roasted cashews/raisins to kheer and switch off the flame.

Yummy yummy pasta carrot kheer is ready to serve.

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