Rainbow Jello Oranges

This colorful munching dessert(lets say ;) ), attracts everyone and mostly kids just love it ;)  Very easy to prepare. Summarizing briefly, the procedure i followed :

--> Prepare jello as per the packet instructions and let it be in a bowl.
--> Cut each orange into 2 halves.
--> Scrape out inside part of oranges. (you can make juice from insiders). Now you get the Orange shells.
--> Arrange these empty shells in a tray that can sit in your refrigerator.
--> Now pour jello liquid (prepared in first step) into each of the cut halves.
 --> Refrigerate jello oranges atleast for 5 hours.
--> Take out jello oranges and cut into desirable size.

Rainbow Jello Oranges

Instead of single color, i used different colors (which means different flavours) :
Color                        Jello Flavour
Blue                          Berry Blue
Green                        Lime
Red                           Strawberry
Yellow                      Peach

Tip : Ice-cream scoop can be used to scrape out the insides of oranges.
You can use as many colors as you want.

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