Sabudana Kichidi

Sabudana           1 cup (8 oz)
Potatoes             2 small
Onions               1 medium
Green Chillies     5 thai or acc to your spice
Tempering Ingredients  Urad dal, jeera(cumin seeds), mustard seeds, curry leaves
Oil                     5 tbsp
Cashews            few
Salt                    to taste
Kasoor Methi(optional)    few
Turmeric       pinch

1) Wash sabudana and Soak it overnight.
Soaking instructions :
--> Pour sabudana into a bowl and pour water "just until the sabudana gets dipped".  Do not add too much water as it becomes soggy.
--> Let them soak it for atleast 3 hours. Usually i keep it overnight so that next morning i can make it as breakfast.
--> Once they get soaked, they should be like dry, not sticking to each other; Separate lumps with hands if any.

Soaked sabudana should look like this individual balls. shouldn't stick together

2) Chop the green chillies, Onions, Potatoes and keep them aside.
3) Now, take oil into a pan (wide opened pan is preferable, as it makes cooking sabudana easy to stir more space to move around.) and let it heat up.
4) Add Cashews let them half roast then add tempering ingredients and green chillies. Add few leaves of Kasoor Methi.
5) Now, add potatoes, salt, stir altogether; close the lid and let it cook on Medium flame for 5-7 mins or until the potato pieces becomes tender.
6) Now add chopped onion pieces close the lid again and let it cook until the onions become tender/transparent. You can add corriander powder/peanut powder for taste.
7) Open the lid, add soaked sabudana, stir altogether once; This time do not close the lid. Let the sabudana cook with open pan.
8) Let sabudana cook for 7-10 mins on medium high flame and open pan. Stir occassionally or else, sabudana gets sticked to the pan.
9) Cooked sabudana becomes tender and transparent(while raw sabudana looks pure white in color). that is the right time to switch off the flame.
(If you are not sure about right consistency of cooking, you can taste a little bit, it should be like little bit gummy instead of startchy.)
10) Now, your sabudana kichidi is ready; Switch off the flame and add chopped cilantro;

serve it hot with Tamarind-Ginger chutney for elders;
serve it warm for kids. Kids will like it as the texture would be little bit gummy. (may be they will be in the illusion that they are eating spicy yummy special gummy bears :-) )

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