Poha Vada

Sounds Interesting? Ingredients would be even quite simple;
Poha 3/4 cup
Cooked Rice 1 cup
Corn Flour   2 tsp
Rice Flour   1/3 cup
Oil    as required for deep fry (i prefer Canola oil as it is very lite and good for health compared to other oils)
Green chillies 3
Onion 1
Salt    1 and half tsp or as required
Mint leaves few
Ginger small piece
Cilantro few

1) Chop green chillies, onions, ginger, mint and cilatro into small pieces.

2) Clean poha. Mix cleaned poha with rice and blend it altogether into paste (you can make it either to smooth paste or a little bit granulated as we do for Urad vada. I prefer little bit granulated)
3) Pour some water while blending. (do not add too much water, as the batter becomes very loose and absorbs more oil). You should get the batter as thick as possible.
4) Mix  all the chopped onions, ginger, mint, cilantro, corn flour, rice flour and make it into thick batter.

5) Now take small dumplings from the batter and spread them on a small ziploc. rub the ziploc with wet hand so that the batter doesn't stick to ziploc.

6) Take oil as sufficient for deep fry and let it heat up
7) Now place the above spreaded rings into the heated up oil slowly. You can do without holes in the middle; I put holes bcoz, the batter in the middle also cooks perfectly with holes.
8) Let them fry for atleast 7 mins on medium flame.
--> if you cook on medium to medium hight flame, then vada becomes crispy and makes the taste even better;

9) Let them cook until they become golden brown; then take them and serve them hot with chutney of your favourite.

 that's it, delicious and hot poha vada ready to eat;

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