Mint (Pudina) Rice

Hi all, after a small gap, i'm back again. today, i would like to share pudina rice recipe;
Pudina(Mint)              3 bunches
Rice                           1 and 1/2 cup
Green Chillies             10 thai chillies
Oil                              required for saute
Cilantro                      1/2 bunch
Turmeric                    1/2 tsp
Salt                            as required
Red Chillies                3 cnt

Cashews                    1 tbsp
Optional :
Shredded coconut(frozen is fine)      3 tbsp
Corriander powder    1 tsp

Tempering Ingredients:
Urad dal : 2 tbsp; chana dal : 1 tbsp; Jeera : 1 tbsp; Mustard seeds : 1 tbsp

Method 1:
Cook the rice and keep it aside.
Thaw the frozen shredded coconut in room temperature for atleast 15 mins.
Take off the mint leaves from the stems and wash the leaves.
Chop the green chillies, cilantro;
Put the green chillies, thawed coconut, cilantro, mint leaves into the blender. Add salt and blend altogether into coarse paste and keep it aside.
Heat the required oil in a wide open pan.
Add Cashews, let them half roasted, Now add all the tempering ingredients and turmeric, At last add the Red Chillies.
Once the tempering is done, add the coarse mint paste (that is blended in the blender)
Let the paste saute for 5 mins along with the tempering ingredients.
Now add 1 tsp of corriander powder and stir altogether.
Add the cooked rice to the above mixture and stir well with spatula until the paste mixes well with cooked rice.

Method 2:
Do the tempering procedure and add the entire mixture to raw rice and cook it along with the rice.
(this taste will be a little bit different than Method1)

That's it, yummy pudina rice is ready to eat. You can add little drops of lemon juice before eating;

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