Cocoa Cakes

Hi friends, today i came up with a variety dessert which is most popular in Russia (i didn't went to russia :-) )
my russian friend gave me this recipe. I tried the same and it came out really good; I like the taste and enjoyed them a lot. Hope you would also enjoy; Good Luck, give it a try :-)

1/2 cup of sugar
2 eggs
3 table spoon of cocoa powder
1 stick of unsalted butter (115 gr)
5 table spoon of milk
1 lb of cookies or biscuits
1 cup of walnut pieces

Yummy cocoa cakes

Procedure :

Honey coated cookies or you can bring plain cookies

I use honey coated cookies just to lighten the cocoa taste. if you want strong cocoa taste, you could use plain cookies.
--> First grind these cookies with regular mixer until it becomes fine powder. (coarse can be fine; just make sure there are no big pieces.)
--> Chop the walnuts into small pieces. (I would use pulser/incher of the mixer to make the walnuts into small pieces. saving time ;-) )

Powdered cookies and chopped walnuts
Put eggs, sugar(i have used brown sugar as i do not want to lighten the color), and cocoa powder in non-stick pot. I prefer non-stick because it's easier to clean it after the dessert is ready, but you may use whatever you want. Just keep in mind that the pot will be heated up. Whisk all ingredients until the mixture is smooth. Then add milk and melted butter. Whisk again and place the pot on medium-high heat.
Stir it continuously, and bring it to the condition when it is just about to start bubbling. Immediately remove from heat. Don't let it bubbling! It should look like chocolate sauce.
Pour the mixture into the cookie powder; It looks like creamy chocolate sauce.

Mix altogether thoroughly like you prepare the dough for rotis. 

Put the dough on a sheet of aluminium foil and roll it as big log.

thats it, wrap the foil and keep refregerated for atleast 5 hours or until it becomes firm.
Once it becomes firm, open the foil and cut into small slices and store it in refrigerator;

Enjoy the cakes for as many days as you want. (i like these so would finish within 2-3 days :-) )

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