Lemon Rice

Rice     2 cups
Green Chillies   6 thai
Limes           4 big  (i prefer green big limes than yellow big lemons)
Peanuts           few
Turmeric       1/4 tsp
Red Chillies   2
Oil                5 tbsp
Tempering         Chana dal, Urad dal, cumin seeds, mustard seeds
Curry leaves      few
Corriander        1/4 bunch
Salt                  1 and quarter tsp (or as required)

--> Wash raw rice; pour 2 cups of water; mix turmeric.
--> Squeeze the limes into a small bowl and add salt and stir it together until salt dissolves in lime juice;
--> Stir altogether and cook rice until it gets cooked.  I use rice cooker bcoz, cooked rice becomes fluffy.
--> Now, take a pan with oil and let it heat up.
--> Add peanuts; let them roast until half done and add the tempering ingredients.
--> Add green chillies, curry leaves, red chillies, and corriander leaves.
--> Switch off the stove and mix the ingredients with cooked rice and stir together with spatula;
--> Let the rice and the tempering ingredients cool down completely.(if we add lime juice when the rice mixture is hot, then, it becomes bitter taste; so i prefer rice to cool down completely).
--> Now add the squeezed lime juice to the entire mixture of rice and stir it thoroughly.

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