Sweet Gavvalu - with Sugar syrup


All Purpose Flour (Maida)                2 cups
Sugar                                               1 and quarter cup
Special gizmo to make gavvalu
salt                                                   just a pinch (explode the flavour of sweet)
Oil                                                   2 tbsp for the flour and more oil sufficient for deep fry

Tool used to make gavvalu


  1. Take Maida into a big bowl.
  2. Add pinch of salt to maida and mix the dry flour to make the salt mix well.
  3. Take oil in a microwavable bowl and heat the oil for 30 seconds. (if the microwave has more power reduce the seconds). Please be careful while heating up the oil.
  4. Pour the oil into the flour and wait for 3 mins to let it cool down.
  5. Now, add water little by little and try to make the flour into hard dough (just the dough as we make for wheat flour rotis).
  6. Kneed the dough thoroughly, there should not be any lumps inside the dough; It should be perfectly mixed well otherwise, it will break when you put in the oil.
  7. Make very small balls from the dough and keep them aside. It takes some time making into small balls. with practice, you could make it fast.
  8. Now take the special gizmo to make the balls as gavvalu. If you don't have that tool, you can use fork or new comb.
  9. To make as gavvalu :
  10.           Place the tool in a separate bowl and Hold the tool in slanty position.
  11.           Place a maida ball at the joint of the tool (check the image to know the joint of the tool)
  12.           Push the ball and roll it towards downside.
  13.           Release the gavva (into the bowl)once you reach the end of the tool.
  14. Repeat the process of making gavvalu with all the remaining balls. just 4 simple steps to make gavva : Place the ball on the tool, push it, roll it downwards, release.
  15. First few would be tough, remaining you would feel easy to make. But it takes some time to make balls and gavvalu. You should have some patience for that :-).
  16. So, once you are done with making gavvalu, just close the gavvalu bowl with a paper napkin just to avoid them from drying off. (do not close with air tight lid as they become watery and all your effort will be gone).
  17. Now, take a clean frying pan and just wipe with dry paper napkin just to make sure there is not even a drop of water in the pan.
  18. Now pour oil sufficient for frying gavvalu. depends on your convenience, if you take big pan, you might need more oil, if you take small frying pan, you will need small amount of oil but you have to fry for more turns.
  19. I feel comfortable with using bigger frying pans, as it fries up quickly and takes less turns.
  20. Switch on the flame and put it in high flame to make the oil heat up fast.
  21. Drop a pinch of dough into the oil to check whether the oil is heat up or not. If the oil is heat up, then the small dough ball floats on the oil.
  22. Now, your oil is ready to cook. Remember to reduce the flame to medium.
  23. Now, slowly drop the gavvalu into the oil. Take a big spatula and stir occassionally.
  24. Let the gavvalu cook for 7-10 mins; that is when the gavvalu gets cooked perfectly. If it takes less than that for you, then you need to reduce your flame even more and continue.
  25. Place the fried gavvalu into a separate bowl. Place a paper napkin into a separate bowl and place your fried gavvalu into that bowl (paper napkin takes off excess oil).
  26. Finish frying up the remaining gavvalu you made; and switch off the flame.
  27. Once you are done with frying all the gavvalu, take off the paper napkin you placed in the bowl to absorb excess oil.

Immediately after the sugar syrup is poured and mixed well.

Preparation of Sugar Syrup

  1. Take a separate pan and pour sugar into the pan.
  2. Add little amount of water just until the sugar gets wet and switch on the flame on different burner and keep in medium high.
  3. let the sugar gets dissolved and let it come to bubbling.
  4. Now, check the syrup by placing a small drop of syrup into a small bowl and tilt the bowl; the syrup should take some time to move. that is the right consistency you need for the syrup.
  5. Switch off the flame.
  6. Now, this following procedure should be real quick as the sugar syrup crystalizes fast.
  7. pour the syrup into the bowl containing fried gavvalu.
  8. Stir all the gavvalu with the sugar syrup and try to make the syrup mix well with all the gavvalu. stir it fast and let the sugar syrup mix well with all the gavvalu.
  9. Now place them in a big open vessel and let them dry for atleast 30 mins.
  10. Once the sugar gets dry and crystalize, you are ready to place them in air tight containers and can enjoy the taste for atleast 20 days.

sugar got crystalized on gavvalu

Sounded like very big process? Do not worry, just give it a try; once you get used to it, there will not be any difficulty. (ofcourse, you will feel tired until you finish the entire process),but you will get good experience.
Please do post suggestions and comments.

Enjoy the delicious taste of gavvalu :-)

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